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Owen Geiger over at Earthbag Building Blog answers this question check it out at Will Natural Building Readily Take Off? « Earthbag Building Blog.


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January 23, 2011 by Owen GeigerHi Owen Geiger!

Your Instructable “Step-by-Step Earthbag Building” was just featured by one of our editors!

Being featured means we think you are awesome. Keep up the great work!

EricFounder and CEO of Instructables

Step-by-Step Earthbag Building Instructable

Note: this Instructable has received over 2,400 hits in just two months, and is indicative of the growing popularity of earthbag building in general.

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Michael Davis Publishing – Mikes World.

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Welcome to Mikes World

I just found a really awesome site for the home DO IT YOURSELFER. Its called Michael Davis Publishing over the next little while I will be going though his site and touching on the things that are green and help us to get to a more self-sustainable lifestyle. Go check it out….

Mike Davis. likes to build things. Here you will find links to,and in-depth explanations of, all his interesting projects, hobbies, how-tos and pastimes.

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Wow over night lots of visits to Green Ideas Co-op

Over night we got 35 views! That put us up over 100, thanks every one who reads this and tells their friends. Now if we could just start getting some discussion going, it would be wonderful. So far since November 22 we have had 132 visits thats cool. Keep it up.

Methane from feces

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Backyard Permaculture [Video]

Seth from Green Ideas Coop a Permaculture friend of mine found this video;

It shows one way to garden in a small 1/4 acre area. I liked how he touched on a lot of the problems he ran in to and the ways he fixed them. He also touches on a few regularity/legal steps he had to take.

I’m back and will be posting soon

Sorry every one I just started a new job at a local radio station here in Amarillo and it has taken a lot of my time but I am figuring out a scheduled so that I will have time to blog on the things that I am passionate about… GREEN IDEAS. I will have some more things for you all this week-end. I hope that the new year has found everyone well and happy. Please if you find anything green or useful in building green systems please tweet with the #greenideascoop hash tag I watch this tag every day and if there is something posted I will at least make a note about it here. Thanks everyone good luck and stay green.


Urban Homestead ® – Path to Freedom

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This is awesome everyone needs to go check this out! Urban Homesteading. In one of the videos he said that his power bill is on average $12…

Path to Freedom is a grassroots, family operated, original urban homestead located in the midst of PasadenaSurrounded by urban sprawl and just a short distance from a freeway, the Dervaes Family have steadily worked at transforming this ordinary city lot into an organic and sustainable micro-farm.This website documents the many steps the Dervaeses have taken and hopes to inspire fellow travelers on their own life-changing journey. Be inspired to take the first step…

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FCC to vote Tuesday on net neutrality rules – CNN.com

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Please look in to this I will not go in to the problems i see in this proposal please have a look for your self… Lets get together and make this not happen the way its trying to.

“[T]his Tuesday, when the FCC meets to discuss this badly flawed proposal, Ill be watching,” he wrote. “If they approve it as is, Ill be outraged. And you should be, too.”

via FCC to vote Tuesday on net neutrality rules – CNN.com.

Not green but interesting

How to Help Support the Search for Extraterrestrial Life

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit

NASA recently announced the discovery of a bacteria that can survive on arsenic; this discovery will broaden our search for extraterrestrial life. If you’re fascinated by the extraterrestrial possibilities and are eager to help the search, there are several things you can do.


  1. Write a letter to your government supporting space program funding. Write to representatives asking to see more funding given to research and exploration. For example, NASA uses the Mars Rovers and the European Space Agency (ESA) has the Mars Express to conduct research on Mars, a planet where life may have once existed. If you would like to see these programs expanded, make your voice heard and reach out to a representative in government to make your wishes known.
  2. Become a scientist yourself. This step alone can be comprised of dozens of sub-steps, and is a long shot for many people, but if you are a student, both NASA and the ESA offer internships and coops to students and recent graduates.
  3. Support distributed computing projects such as SETI@home, a program which downloads and analyzes radio telescope data.
  4. Support science and space education. Fostering the next generation of scientists and explorers–who may very well be the ones to discover extraterrestrial life–starts with education. Volunteer at science camps, planetariums or non-profit institutes that have programs to introduce children and young adults to science and the cosmos. Encourage children to stargaze (finding constellations, watching meteor showers, etc.).
  5. Spend some time understanding the theories surrounding extraterrestrial life. Astrobiology (also known as exobiology) is the study of the origins, evolution and future of life in the universe and the focus of programs such as the Mars rovers. Astrobiology combines many scientific fields of study to help understand how life can be supported somewhere other than Earth. The NASA Astrobiology Institute has a website (http://astrobiology.nasa.gov) that provides podcasts, recaps, and recordings of seminars concerning various issues within astrobiology.
  6. Stay up-to-date on research and findings. NASA and ESA provide reports, photos and press releases of new developments, including any relevant findings in the search for extraterrestrial life. Additionally, various science magazines and journals are useful in educating yourself about the current state of research and what may be coming in the near future.

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Article provided by wikiHow, a wiki how-to manual. Please edit this article and find author credits at the original wikiHow article on How to Help Support the Search for Extraterrestrial Life. All content on wikiHow can be shared under a Creative Commons license.

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