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Breaking news. This just in from Brandon Ross, P.E. whose team has just completed an earthbag wind test in Florida. Text is from his preliminary report. Final results are expected to be published in a few months. Read more of this post

CITYSPEEDTURBINE on the Behance Network

CitySpeedTurbineMiniDesignAward Winner 2009Alessandra Rapaccini and James SannaThe project stems from the idea of creating a modular wind turbine can produce energy through the movement of air masses produced by the passage of cars. This system conceived as a sequence of strings can be inserted into various urban settings in a very flexible and environmentally friendly. The energy produced by it will be used to power the LED lights that are located within the arch structure to provide street lighting at night. The mechanical energy generated in the blast generated by vehicles is retrieved by the blades and converted into electricity through a system of generators is then stored by a battery that will distribute the low-energy lighting system. The City speed turbines are a new way of seeing and applying the operation of wind turbines with a design less intrusive and a streamlining of the system-energy lighting for the city.


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Michael Davis Publishing – Mikes World.

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Welcome to Mikes World

I just found a really awesome site for the home DO IT YOURSELFER. Its called Michael Davis Publishing over the next little while I will be going though his site and touching on the things that are green and help us to get to a more self-sustainable lifestyle. Go check it out….

Mike Davis. likes to build things. Here you will find links to,and in-depth explanations of, all his interesting projects, hobbies, how-tos and pastimes.

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Wow over night lots of visits to Green Ideas Co-op

Over night we got 35 views! That put us up over 100, thanks every one who reads this and tells their friends. Now if we could just start getting some discussion going, it would be wonderful. So far since November 22 we have had 132 visits thats cool. Keep it up.

Urban Homestead ® – Path to Freedom

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This is awesome everyone needs to go check this out! Urban Homesteading. In one of the videos he said that his power bill is on average $12…

Path to Freedom is a grassroots, family operated, original urban homestead located in the midst of PasadenaSurrounded by urban sprawl and just a short distance from a freeway, the Dervaes Family have steadily worked at transforming this ordinary city lot into an organic and sustainable micro-farm.This website documents the many steps the Dervaeses have taken and hopes to inspire fellow travelers on their own life-changing journey. Be inspired to take the first step…

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FCC to vote Tuesday on net neutrality rules –

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Please look in to this I will not go in to the problems i see in this proposal please have a look for your self… Lets get together and make this not happen the way its trying to.

“[T]his Tuesday, when the FCC meets to discuss this badly flawed proposal, Ill be watching,” he wrote. “If they approve it as is, Ill be outraged. And you should be, too.”

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Earthbag Building: The Tools, Tricks and Techniques Natural Building Series

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Over 70 percent of Americans cannot afford to own a code-enforced, contractor-built home. This has led to widespread interest in using natural materials-straw, cob, and earth-for building homes and other buildings that are inexpensive, and that rely largely on labor rather than expensive and often environmentally-damaging outsourced materials.Earthbag Building is the first comprehensive guide to all the tools, tricks, and techniques for building with bags filled with earth-or earthbags. Having been introduced to sandbag construction by the renowned Nader Khalili in 1993, the authors developed this “Flexible Form Rammed Earth Technique” over the last decade. A reliable method for constructing homes, outbuildings, garden walls and much more, this enduring, tree-free architecture can also be used to create arched and domed structures of great beauty-in any region, and at home, in developing countries, or in emergency relief work.

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Be Green Blogsite» Blog Archive

Nokero, the world’s only solar light bulb company, today launched a brand new product to join its ground-breaking N100 bulb.

Dubbed the Nokero N200, the new light bulb is 60 percent brighter than the N100, lasts 6-plus hours on one-day’s charge, and is affordable to billions of people worldwide who live without reliable access to electricity.

“Nokero stands for No Kerosene, and the N200 will strengthen our effort to end the dangerous and polluting practice of burning kerosene for light,” said Nokero founder and social entrepreneur Steve Katsaros, who designed the N100 in January and the N200 in August.

More than one million people die each year in fuel-based lighting fires, and an additional 1.6 million are estimated to die from indoor air pollution.

“In this day and age, there’s no reason that should happen,” Katsaros said. “We have the technology and know-how  to solve this problem.

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Philadelphias Pedal Co-Op | MNN – Mother Nature Network

The Pedal Co-Op is a Philadelphia, Pa.recycling/compost hauling service that uses bicycles as vehicles. I’m familiar with the streets of Philadelphia, and I’ve got to hand it to these guys. Those streets were not designed for bicycles.
The Pedal Co-Op goes to businesses and hauls away recycling or compost material and takes it to Blue Mountain Recyling Center or a local gardening center. They boast an impressive client list including Yards Brewing and Trader Joe’s. In addition to hauling away recycling and compost, they will also do intercity moving of residents and small businesses, package delivery and merchandise delivery.
You can get a good idea of what they do in this video.
I like to share stories like this with you because people who create environmentally friendly, innovative businesses like this need recognition. I also like to share stories like this with my boys at night at the dinner table. I love to be able to say to them, “Guess what I wrote about today,” and then be able to tell them about young adults who chose something different to do with their lives. It’s a good way to be able to illustrate to them that the possibilities for their lives are endless.


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Six Green Ideas for Beating Winter Blahs | World of Psychology

my fave…

2. Occupy yourself at home.On those particularly miserable snow days, turn off the television and find something creative or constructive to get into. Maybe it’s time to finally learn about which vitamins would most benefit you, or perhaps you want to get a head start on planning your garden. Invite friends and family over for a game night of the card and board variety – less electricity!

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