Methane from feces

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Backyard Permaculture [Video]

Seth from Green Ideas Coop a Permaculture friend of mine found this video;

It shows one way to garden in a small 1/4 acre area. I liked how he touched on a lot of the problems he ran in to and the ways he fixed them. He also touches on a few regularity/legal steps he had to take.

I’m back and will be posting soon

Sorry every one I just started a new job at a local radio station here in Amarillo and it has taken a lot of my time but I am figuring out a scheduled so that I will have time to blog on the things that I am passionate about… GREEN IDEAS. I will have some more things for you all this week-end. I hope that the new year has found everyone well and happy. Please if you find anything green or useful in building green systems please tweet with the #greenideascoop hash tag I watch this tag every day and if there is something posted I will at least make a note about it here. Thanks everyone good luck and stay green.


Earthbag Building: The Tools, Tricks and Techniques Natural Building Series

Cover of "Earthbag Building: The Tools, T...

Cover via Amazon

Over 70 percent of Americans cannot afford to own a code-enforced, contractor-built home. This has led to widespread interest in using natural materials-straw, cob, and earth-for building homes and other buildings that are inexpensive, and that rely largely on labor rather than expensive and often environmentally-damaging outsourced materials.Earthbag Building is the first comprehensive guide to all the tools, tricks, and techniques for building with bags filled with earth-or earthbags. Having been introduced to sandbag construction by the renowned Nader Khalili in 1993, the authors developed this “Flexible Form Rammed Earth Technique” over the last decade. A reliable method for constructing homes, outbuildings, garden walls and much more, this enduring, tree-free architecture can also be used to create arched and domed structures of great beauty-in any region, and at home, in developing countries, or in emergency relief work.

via Earthbag Building: The Tools, Tricks and Techniques Natural Building Series.

Survival Seeds Vault $99 2 Acre+ 1.5LB+ Seeds Non-Hybrid/GMO

Family in tall grass

Image by Jackal of all trades via Flickr

Could you feed your family for a year, 2 years or more from your garden if you had to? Do you have enough seeds to plant a survival garden to feed your family? Do you have the right kind of seeds? Can you save the seeds from your harvest to plant next year?

Here is what you need to do right now….

First, you need to know that if things were to get bad your family will still eat. You have enough non-hybrid seeds to plant more than 2 acres. This could mean the difference between thriving and starving. Think about it…your family. Thriving because you have the Survival Seed Vault™ of Non-Hybrid Seeds.


Survival Seeds Vault $99 2 Acre+ 1.5LB+ Seeds Non-Hybrid/GMO.

Be Green Blogsite» Blog Archive

Nokero, the world’s only solar light bulb company, today launched a brand new product to join its ground-breaking N100 bulb.

Dubbed the Nokero N200, the new light bulb is 60 percent brighter than the N100, lasts 6-plus hours on one-day’s charge, and is affordable to billions of people worldwide who live without reliable access to electricity.

“Nokero stands for No Kerosene, and the N200 will strengthen our effort to end the dangerous and polluting practice of burning kerosene for light,” said Nokero founder and social entrepreneur Steve Katsaros, who designed the N100 in January and the N200 in August.

More than one million people die each year in fuel-based lighting fires, and an additional 1.6 million are estimated to die from indoor air pollution.

“In this day and age, there’s no reason that should happen,” Katsaros said. “We have the technology and know-how  to solve this problem.

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Welcome to Green Ideas Co-op

the purposes of Green Ideas Co-op is to share Ideas, lets open the communication pathways get knowledge about Green System Development  out there and to the people so we can start making a difference.

What is Green System Development?

Green System Development is looking at the whole picture seeing how each system interacts with every other system. Finding ways to take what we currently call waste and looking at it as supply, input for other systems.

We welcome any comments you may have, all that we ask is that you are respectful of each other. With that in mind we will be able to foster the sharing of knowledge and the furthering of Green Ideas.

If you have a blog and are sharing green ideas you should use the #greenideascoop twitter hashtag to let every one know I may also link to your post if it is something I want to let more people about.

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