How-to build a solar powered batch hot water heater using a stock tank — Homestead Survival

Homestead Survival. check out how to make this over at Homestead Servival

Wind Testing of Earthbag Wall « Earthbag Building Blog

Breaking news. This just in from Brandon Ross, P.E. whose team has just completed an earthbag wind test in Florida. Text is from his preliminary report. Final results are expected to be published in a few months. Read more of this post

Free Range Worm Farm

In my last post I mentioned that I was going to put in a free range worm farm,.What is a free range worm farm you may ask. It is a worm farm that instead of having the worms in a container, you let them roam though your garden. One simple way to do this is to take a bucket and drill a bunch of holes in the bottom and sides from about half way down. You then dig a hole and put the bucket in, then put a bunch of greens (any kind of veggie clippings minus onions) in the bucket and put the worms around the outside of the bucket. Cover the compost so that light will not get in (worms hate the light) and put the lid back on. Keep the compost in the bucket and in time the worms will come in to the bucket and eat then take the nutrients out to the garden. I will be doing this soon and will show pictures and make a better explication of how I did it.

Started my new garden

This weekend I started on my garden here is a picture:

Garden Full IMAGE_590 IMAGE_591

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CITYSPEEDTURBINE on the Behance Network

CitySpeedTurbineMiniDesignAward Winner 2009Alessandra Rapaccini and James SannaThe project stems from the idea of creating a modular wind turbine can produce energy through the movement of air masses produced by the passage of cars. This system conceived as a sequence of strings can be inserted into various urban settings in a very flexible and environmentally friendly. The energy produced by it will be used to power the LED lights that are located within the arch structure to provide street lighting at night. The mechanical energy generated in the blast generated by vehicles is retrieved by the blades and converted into electricity through a system of generators is then stored by a battery that will distribute the low-energy lighting system. The City speed turbines are a new way of seeing and applying the operation of wind turbines with a design less intrusive and a streamlining of the system-energy lighting for the city.


via CITYSPEEDTURBINE on the Behance Network.

Earthbag Building: A Small Earthbag Dome

Below is the link to a step-by-step description of how Kelly Hart’s first experimental earthbag dome was created. The interior diameter is 14 feet 4.3 meters.

This prototype dome could serve as a model for emergency shelters, cabins, studios, garden sheds, etc. It should work well in earthquake-prone areas and places subject to flooding, winds, and hurricanes. It could be used as quick housing for people made homeless by natural disasters, such as in Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, and El Salvador.

via Earthbag Building: A Small Earthbag Dome.

As I was reading through this I was constantly reminded that anyone could do this just about anywhere. I am working on finding some land here in Amarillo TX to build something like this on and will post pics when I get going on it. If you try something please leave a comment and or send me an email also I love pictures.

Seth – Green Ideas Coop

Will Natural Building Readily Take Off? « Earthbag Building Blog

Owen Geiger over at Earthbag Building Blog answers this question check it out at Will Natural Building Readily Take Off? « Earthbag Building Blog.

Backyard Permaculture [Video]

Seth from Green Ideas Coop a Permaculture friend of mine found this video;

It shows one way to garden in a small 1/4 acre area. I liked how he touched on a lot of the problems he ran in to and the ways he fixed them. He also touches on a few regularity/legal steps he had to take.

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