Started my new garden

This weekend I started on my garden here is a picture:

Garden Full IMAGE_590 IMAGE_591

The posts were already there so I put up the short boards and brought in about 4 loads of mulch, it is about 6” deep and will compress as it is watered and starts to break down.

Wattering Mulch IMAGE_583

Here I am wetting down the mulch I put down Cardboard under the mulch to help with weed control. I would have liked to add organic material between two layers of mulch to add to the nutrients in the mulch. I will be adding a compost area to the right in the open space.


I will be posting more about how I’m laying out the garden and where and when I plant different plants I’m also thinking about putting in a free range worm garden in the corner. More on that to come.

About Seth
I Live in a 1977 Dodge Jamboree 2 with my wife and dog. I build and maintain web sites for a couple of internet companies.

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