Methane from feces

here is a student who has made an anaerobic floating drum digester built it using a 55 gallon drum and a 30 gallon drum and a few pipe fittings.

the digester works by collecting the cow’s dung, in liquid form (slurry), which is then pumped into an airtight tank and heated to a temperature of 35°C (95°F), at which methane producing bacteria are most efficient. The methane produced feeds an engine attached to a generator which produces electricity.

The heat resulted from burning the gas is used to warm the slurry to the level required by the bacteria. The ecological technology is used at more than 1,000 farms in Germany, but only very few in the UK, and, of course, is efficient in conditions of intensive cattle farming.

here is my Google Skechup of a similar design I added a heat coil pipe and fins to stir the slurry.

Methane From Feces

Methane from feces2 Methane from feces

you can see in the pics that the 30 gallon drum sits a little off of the bottom and is still under the lip of the drum.

I am also thinking about putting some kind of supports along 2-3 sides of the 30 gallon drum so that as the drum gets sticking out it wont tip.

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